Volunteers Make It Happen!

BCAF Volunteers

Now that we're mid-BCAF, I want to take this opportunity to thank the quiet heroes of the Boston Comedy Arts Festival. Year after year, volunteers from the community step up and make sure that each night goes smoothly by passing out flyers, checking in performers, guiding people to the right shows and generally keeping the chaotic festival environment sane. I'm grateful to the many people who stepped up to volunteer this year, especially the people who jumped in last minute. The list below contains ImprovBoston performers, students, local artists and much more.

A huge thanks to each of them for making BCAF possible.


Andrea Lathrop, Annie Kozakiewicz, Ben Walsh, Bobby Smithney, Colleen Moriarty, Dan Chapman, Daniel Saunders, Jay Milano, Jesselynn Opie, Judith Nathans, Kelsey McLaughlin, Kevin Quigley, Laurel Fitzsimmons, Lauren Magnuson, MaryAnn Cicala, Melissa Paradice, Milo MacPhail, Nate Lopez, Peter Overzet, Russell Sickinger, Sarah Pelrin, Shane Tully, Shawn Musgrave, Skim Kimball, Steve Sarro, Thomas Towell, Tim Hannafin

Thank you.


Claire Smithney
Director of Volunteers