As a Boston Comedy Arts Festival performer, which is the policy about me watching shows at the fesival? As a BCAF performer, with your performer ID, you will receive STAND-BY access for all shows at ImprovBoston and other participating theaters. That means any open seats available AT SHOWTIME are opened up to the active STAND-BY list at the discretion of Staff. However, the only way to ensure that you get seats for a particular show is to buy a ticket. As a BCAF performer you can buy advance tickets for any festival show for 50% OFF. (Details on how to score 50% off tickets will be announced soon.)

There are NO complimentary tickets for Boston Comedy Arts Festival shows. Advance “BCAF performer” tickets purchased for shows are non-transferable and non-refundable if a show ends up not sold out.

I am in an improv or sketch group and I have concerns about the tech part of my show. What should I do?
For BCAF performers requiring specific tech cues beyond just ‘lights up at start and down at the end,’ please send a detailed TECH CUE SHEET: bcaf@improvboston.com. In the subject line of your email, write “BCAF Tech: Act Name, Date and Time of show.

At the top of the tech cues document, please include “Act Name, Performers Names, Date and Time of show.” All tech cues MUST be received by September 3rd. PLEASE NOTE: BCAF does not give acts time for a full tech run-though. Acts that send in TECH CUE SHEETS by September 3rd will be scheduled for a 15 minute tech slot between 4PM and 630PM on the day of their show.

As a performer, do I get a discount on workshops?
All BCAF performers receive a great discount on festival workshops. (Details on how to score discount workshops and our BCAF Workshop Schedule will be announced soon.)

Where are the parties?
Each group will receive a list of the after parties when they check in. We will also be sending out an email once a day during the festival - with festival updates, workshop info, and after party details.

Still have a question that's not answered here? Please feel free to email us at bcaf@improvboston.com.