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Wednesday, September 10

7PM (Harold Special) | ImprovBoston Studio Theater
Great Lakes, Maxitor & Specter
Eventbrite - BCAF WED 7PM Studio Theater

7:30PM (Improv) | ImprovBoston Main Theater
Face Off, ImprovBoston Mainstage
Eventbrite - BCAF WED 730PM Main Theater

8PM: (Talk Show) | Oberon Theater
You're the Expert

9PM: (Duos)| ImprovBoston Studio Theater
Midy Zevlin, Two Gentlemen & Sawyer & Hurley
Eventbrite - BCAF WED 9PM Studio Theater

9:30PM | ImprovBoston Main Theater
Liquid Fun, Swollen Monkey Showcase & ComedySportz
Eventbrite - BCAF WED 930PM Main Theater

Thursday, September 11

6:30PM (Duo/Trio Improv) | ImprovBoston Studio Theater
Pin Up, Mama Bear: The Button & G.U.S.
Eventbrite - BCAF THURS 630PM Studio Theater

7PM (Improv) | ImprovBoston Main Theater
Cape Ann Improv, Summer Boyfriend, Scary Stephen King
Eventbrite - BCAF THURS 7PM Main Theater

8:30PM (Sketch) | ImprovBoston Studio Theater
Mrs. Peanut, Divorced Siblings & Good Cop, Great Cop
Eventbrite - BCAF THURS 830PM Studio Theater

9PM (Musical) | ImprovBoston Main Theater
Autumn & Summar, My-X and Hidden Falls
Eventbrite - BCAF THURS 9PM Main Theater

10PM (StandUp) | ImprovBoston Studio Theater
featuring Dan Perlman, Isaac Hirsch, Kane Holloway, Chris Duffy, Kenice Mobley, Kwasi Mensah, Conor Allen, Sean Clarke & Kevin Seefried
Eventbrite - BCAF THURS 10PM Studio Theater

10:30PM (Musical/Sketch) | ImprovBoston Main Theater
Ok Cupid: The Musical, Friends of Single People & The Allen McRae Show
Eventbrite - BCAF THURS 1030PM Main Theater

Friday, September 12

6:30PM (Solo Shows) | ImprovBoston Studio Theater
Briami Sound Machine, The Greg Show & Laser Comedy Show featuring Stand Up comics Isaac Hirsch & Dan Perlman
Eventbrite - BCAF FRI 630PM Studio Theater

7PM (Improv) | ImprovBoston Main Theater
Gypsy Danger, Pop Roulette & ImprovBoston National Touring Company with guest Laura Hall
Eventbrite - BCAF FRI 7PM Main Theater

8PM (Improv) | Brattle Theater
Magnet Touring Company & Big Bang featuring StandUp comics Noelle Gray, Chris Duffy & Boris Khaykin
Eventbrite - BCAF FRI 8PM Brattle Theater

8:30PM (Variety) | ImprovBoston Studio Theater
Punctual Drunks, Judith & CA$H featuring StandUp comic Kevin Hall
Eventbrite - BCAF FRI 830PM Studio Theater

9PM: (Musical/Sketch) | ImprovBoston Main Theater
Ghost Mom & Bri-Ko featuring StandUp comics MILF (Suni Reyes) & Kane Holloway
Eventbrite - BCAF FRI 9PM Main Theater

10PM: (Improv) | Brattle Theater
Junior Varsity, Pumpkin, North Coast
Eventbrite - BCAF FRI 10PM Brattle Theater

10:30PM (Sketch/Variety) | ImprovBoston Studio Theater
Comedy School Dropouts, Cool Kid Comedy & Piscolada featuring StandUp comics Justin Murray & Justin Williams
Eventbrite - BCAF FRI 1030PM Studio Theater

11PM (Improv) | ImprovBoston Main Theater
Man vs. Improv, Stone Cold Fox & Brouhaha
Eventbrite - BCAF FRI 11PM Main Theater

Saturday, September 13

12:30PM: (Talk Show) | ImprovBoston Main Theater
Geeking Out With: The Talk Show
Eventbrite - BCAF SAT 1230PM Main Theater

5PM (Improv) | ImprovBoston Studio Theater
Tomily, Future Wives, Family Haircut
Eventbrite - BCAF SAT 5PM Studio Theater

6PM (Family Improv) | Brattle Theater
Family Show, Eric Dittleman: Mind Reader & Laura Hall
Eventbrite - BCAF SAT 6PM Brattle Theater

6PM (Variety) | ImprovBoston Main Theater
Sneak Attack, The Fury & Lollapacoacharoozastock Music Festival
Eventbrite - BCAF SAT 6PM Main Theater

6:30PM (Improv) | ImprovBoston Studio Theater
Stranger, Student Driver and Friends & Johnny Velvet and the Moonbeams
Eventbrite - BCAF SAT 630PM Studio Theater

8PM (Variety) | Brattle Theater
B.U.M.P, Baby Shoes & UCB Touring Company
Eventbrite - BCAF SAT 8PM Brattle Theater

8PM: (Improv/Sketch) | ImprovBoston Mainstage Theater
Michael Loves Greg, Bri-Ko
Eventbrite - BCAF SAT 8PM Main Theater

8:30PM (Improv) | ImprovBoston Studio Theater
Sea Tea Improv, Ophelia's Rope, Casual Sex Offenders
Eventbrite - BCAF SAT 830PM Studio Theater

10PM (Musical/Variety) | Brattle Theater
Eric Dittleman: Mind Reader, BCAF Improv Dream Team featuring StandUp comics Noelle Gray, Rohan Padhye & Mickey McCauley
Eventbrite - BCAF SAT 10PM Brattle Theater

10PM (Sketch) | ImprovBoston Mainstage Theater
The Leftovers, FUCT, Bridge & Tunnel
Eventbrite - BCAF SAT 10PM Main Theater

10:30PM (Duo) | ImprovBoston Studio Theater
losdosdudes, Darcy and Bingley & Virginia Slims
Eventbrite - BCAF SAT 1030PM Studio Theater

11:30PM (StandUp) | ImprovBoston Main Theater
featuring Justin Williams, MILF (Suni Reyes), Justin Murray, Boris Khayakin, Casey Malone, Jamie Loftus, Christine Ann & Kevin Hall
Eventbrite - BCAF SAT 1130PM Main Theater

Sunday, September 14

8PM: (Podcast) | ImprovBoston Main Theater
Hey We're Back with Jonathan Katz
Eventbrite - BCAF Presents Jonathan Katz

9PM (StandUp) | ImprovBoston Main Theater
People's Show featuring Casey Malone, Noelle Gray, Rohan Padhye, Dan Perlman, Kevin Seefried, Conor Allen, Kwasi Mensah and Sean Clarke
Eventbrite - The People's Show


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All Star Show | Autumn & Summar | Boston's Unscripted Musical Project | Baby Shoes | Big Bang | Boris Khaykin | Briami Sound Machine | Bridge & Tunnel | Bri-Ko | Brouhaha | Ca$h | Cape Ann Improv | Casual Sex Offenders | Chris Duffy | Comedy School Dropouts | ComedySportz | Conor Allen | Cool Kid Comedy


Dan Perlman | Darcey & Bingley | Divorced Siblings | Eric Dittleman: Mind Reader | Face Off | Family Haircut | Family Show | Friends of Single People | FUCT | Future Wives | G.U.S | Geeking Out With: The Talk Show | Ghost Mom | Good Cop Great Cop | Great Lakes | Gypsy Danger | Hey We're Back with Jonathan Katz | Hidden Falls |


IB Mainstage | IB Tourco with Laura Hall | Isaac Hirsch | Johnny Velvet & The Moonbeams | Judith | Junior Varsity | Justin Murray | Justin Williams | Kane Holloway | Kenice Mobley | Kevin Hall |Kevin Seefried | Kwasi Mensah | Laura Hall | Liquid Fun | Lollapacoacharoozastock Music Festival | losdosdudes |


Magnet TourCo | Mama Bear: The Button | Man Vs Improv | Maxitor | Michael Loves Greg | Mickey McCauley | Midy Zevlin | Mrs. Peanut | Noelle Gray | North Coast | OK Cupid: The Musical | Opheilas Rope | Pin Up | Piscolada | Pop Roulette | Pumpkin | Punctual Drunks | Rohan Padhye


Sawyer & Hurley | Scary Steven King | Sea Tea Improv | Sean Clarke | Shatner | Sneak Attack | Specter | Stone Cold Fox | Stranger | Student Driver & Friends | Summer Boyfriend | Suni Reyes | Swollen Monkey Showcase |
The Allen McRae Show | The Fury | The Greg Show | The Laser Show | The Leftovers | Tomily Comedy | Two Gentlemen | UCB Touring Company | Virginia Slims | You're The Expert