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Wednesday, September 7

7PM Improv & Musical Comedy | ImprovBoston Studio Theater
Liquid Fun, Spider House, and Cuddle Party

7:30PM ImprovBoston Resident Cast Showcase | ImprovBoston Main Theater
54 Forty, The ImprovBoston National Touring Company, and Rabbit

8:30PM: StandUp/Storytelling | ImprovBoston Studio Theater
Wild Memory Nation, David Thomas, Katie Que, Laura Merli, Laura Severese, Scott McLaughlin, and Sean Clarke

9PM: Longform Improv Comedy | ImprovBoston Main Theater
Cape Ann Improv, Mud Hut and a Longform JAM

10PM: Comedy Lottery | ImprovBoston Studio Theater
ImprovBoston's Weekly Open Mic
Free! More info Here

Thursday, September 8

7:30PM Longform Improv and StandUp | ImprovBoston Main Theater
Summer Boyfriend, Wombat, and Specter and featuring standup comics Kwasi Mensah, Srilatha Stands Up, and Dylan Uscher

8PM StandUp | ImprovBoston Studio Theater
Jenny Young, Kenya Claytor, Kate Sisk, Ryan Shane Singer, V Lince, Ellen Sugarman, What's Funny About Public Health (George Annas), Brian O'Sullivan: Singing Comedian, and Jackie Skinner

9:30PM Musical Improv Comedy | ImprovBoston Main Theater
My Dark Little Corner, It's Allston Christmas Charlie Town, and Hidden Falls

10PM Sketch | ImprovBoston Studio Theater
Baby Cut, Accidental Awkwardness and The Utilidors

Friday, September 9

6:30PM Duo Musical Comedy | ImprovBoston Studio Theater
M&N: Musical Improv Duo, The Angriest Show in the World, and The Schuermans

7PM Improv Comedy | ImprovBoston Main Theater
Sitcom, Doorman, and 94th Street

8PM Headlining StandUp & Improv Comedy | Cambridge Public Library
Standup Jenny Zigrino (Conan, @Midnight, Adam DeVine's House Party, Bad Santa 2) and Big Bang

8:30PM StandUp | ImprovBoston Studio Theater
CD Schultz, Jackie Skinner, John Sartori, Kate Sisk, Krista Atkinson, Nicole Conlan and Seth Cowles

9PM: Improv Comedy | ImprovBoston Main Theater
Warm Blooded - Musical Improv, Metal Boy and Goats

10PM: Headlining StandUp Comedy & Hip Hop Improv | Cambridge Public Library
Featuring Aparna Nancherla, Jenny Young, Kwasi Mensah, Jiayong Li and North Coast

10:30PM StandUp and Improv | ImprovBoston Studio Theater
Heartbeat, Resting Bitch Face and Bait & Switch and featuring standup comics Srilatha Stands Up, Ryan Chani, and Gloria Rose

11PM Sketch Comedy | ImprovBoston Main Theater
Student Council, The Girlie Project and Terrible People

Saturday, September 10

4:00PM Family Friendly Improv | ImprovBoston Main Theater
ImprovBoston Family Show and All Access Improv

5:30PM Duoprov & Period-Prov | ImprovBoston Studio Theater
Carpathian Bros, Stevedore Comedy and Austen Family Improv Players

6PM Variety | ImprovBoston Main Theater
Sea Tea Tour Co, Avalanche and Ya, Donkeys!

6PM Family Friendly Improv | Cambridge Public Library
FREE (No ticket link just show up) - Boston's Unscripted Musical Project, Family Show and All Access Improv

7PM Sketch & Improv | ImprovBoston Studio Theater
New Team Honeybear, Pat May's Butt Solo Sketch Show and My Privacy

8PM Headlining StandUp, Sketch & Improv Comedy | Cambridge Public Library
Kevin Mcdonald, Future Wives, and Jonathan Katz

8PM: Improv Comedy | ImprovBoston Main Theater
ImprovBoston AllStars, Hummingbird Day and Sexy Baby

9PM Sketch | ImprovBoston Studio Theater
Dinosaur Jones, High Dramma and Brick Penguin

10PM Headlining Improv Comedy | Cambridge Public Library
Magnet Touring Company, The AllStar Show, Gloria Rose & Brian O'Sullivan: Singing Comedian

10PM Musical Improv | ImprovBoston Main Theater
Sistine Robot, Suburban Adventure and Good Catch Musical Improv

10:30PM Musical/Variety | ImprovBoston Studio Theater
I Just Disappear, La Donna Improvvisata, and When X Meets Y

11:30PM (StandUp) | ImprovBoston Main Theater
CD Schultz, John Sartori, Krista Atkinson, Nicole Conlan, Ryan Shane Singer, Seth Cowles and V Lince.

Sunday, September 11

7PM The JAM (Improv Comedy) | ImprovBoston Studio Theater
featuring indie act Dear Improv, a jam for comedy students and a special instructor set

8:00PM (Sketch Comedy) | ImprovBoston Main Theater
Kevin McDonald's One Day Sketch Show

9PM People's Show (StandUp Comedy) | ImprovBoston Studio Theater
Featuring comics Kwasi Mensah, Dan Martin, Danielle Andruskiwec, Kevin Doug Fitzgerald, Laura Merli, Bryan Munzer and Trevor Dion