2015 Workshops

All Workshops to be held at ImprovBoston (40 Prospect St, Cambridge MA 02139)

Friday 9/11

PGraph's Signature Intensive
Join Kaci, Kareem, Roy, and Valerie for a weekend improv intensive you don’t want to miss. Intuitive narrative improvisation, long-form improv that tells an entire story, is the bread-and-butter of the award-winning work Parallelogramophonograph does. 

After 9+ years and 560+ shows together performing in over 35 national and international cities, PGraph has honed their very own brand of improvisational theatre using intuitive storytelling, complex relationships, bold characters, and highly-connected group mind. In this intensive you’ll buckle down for a fun and immersive weekend learning PGraph’s favorite exercises, methods, theories, and tricks for creating dynamic improvised plays on the spot.

This workshop has sold-out in the UK, US, Canada, and Australia and is limited to 16 students. 

"An unforgettable weekend learning from some of the best." - London Improviser

“These four are masters of their craft and synonymous with US narrative improv. If this is the direction you want to play, this is an absolute must. If you don’t, but you want to stretch out your story muscles, this is still a must.” -Austin Improviser

"If you haven't done PGraph's intensive, you should do this as you haven't done -anything- till you've done this. Awesome and inspiring." -Vancouver Improviser
Eventbrite - BCAF Workshop: Blending Improv & Standup

Saturday 9/13


Making Meaningful Moments with PGraph
Great theatre is made up of great moments. We don't have the luxury of re-writes and planning in improv, but that doesn't mean we can't treat each moment on stage with importance and weight. In this workshop, you will learn to give even your smallest moves the attention they deserve, read your scene partner's subtlest offers, and fulfill the promises your scene choices make to the audience. Get out of your head and kickstart your new journey into delighting audiences and yourself with some surprisingly effective tips and techniques.
Eventbrite - BCAF Workshop: Blending Improv & Standup

The Zen of Improv with Pam Victor
Interested in exploring patient, discovery-based improvisation moment by moment, free of the onus to be jokey and invent stuff? Want to get more adept at improvising honestly from the heart? In the The Zen of Improv/Next Little Step approach, we practice improvising one step at a time by paying attention at a ninja level, listening and responding honestly and naturally, playing through our natural emotional point of view, and utilizing the concepts of "Heat" and Weight" to discover the relationship that exists already onstage.
Eventbrite - BCAF Workshop: Blending Improv & Standup

Intro to Hip-Hop with North Coast
North Coast is New York City’s premier hip hop improv comedy team! Named one of the “Top 10 Comedy Shows of 2014″ by Time Out NY, North Coast is a unique collaboration of improvisational comedy, hip hop, and music. This musical improv workshop will get even the most beginner performers learning how to get comfortable and confident with free-style rapping and how to really drill into the deal of your scene and its’ characters. Learn how to set yourself up, find your flow, and weave your rapped verses in and out of your improv scene-work.
Eventbrite - BCAF Workshop: Blending Improv & Standup


Villainy: Being Bad Onstage with PGraph
Learn how fun it is to be bad. In this workshop, PGraph will teach you how to play downright evil characters on stage that the audience will love to hate. It's easy enough to play a 2-dimensional bad guy, but for true evil to shine in all its dark glory, your characters must be rooted in truth, and be unique individuals.
Eventbrite - BCAF Workshop: Blending Improv & Standup

Into to Beatboxing with North Coast
Taught by Mark Martin (Mandible)
Stop spitting all over the microphone and make jaws drop with your human drum machine skills. Taught by one of North Coast's own beatboxers, this workshop will take you through the fundamentals of beatboxing technique, and how to apply those techniques to your own ideas. From boots-and--cuts to BTK's basics, you'll walk out feeling confident enough to show off your skills solo, or collaborate with any freestyle cypher you encounter.
Eventbrite - BCAF Workshop: Blending Improv & Standup

Advanced Musical Improv: The Game of the Scene with Mike Descoteaux
Discover the simple joy and comedic power of game-driven songs. Using two fundamental structures (verse/chorus and lastline tagline), participants will explore the ridiculous fun that comes through effortlessly heightening the lyrical, emotional, physical, situational and musical patterns that present themselves in the moments leading up to a song. We’ll play with the emotional and reactive scenic building blocks that lead to the best improvised songs. Experience how the success of the song is virtually guaranteed before the first note is even sung.
Eventbrite - BCAF Workshop: Blending Improv & Standup

Free Form Improvisation with Will Luera
This workshop explores the makings of the unique style of free-form improvisation. This mindset is built on the concept of "follow the funny" and proposes that every single moment, beat, line and movement in a show can be deconstructed and used to lead you to the next scene. During this exploration and deconstruction, a language and pattern are established that help define form where previously there was no form. We'll review the tools that will enable performers to create a unique free-form performing experience every time you hit the stage. We will review ideas of listening to what the show wants, what can be funny, when are the best times to edit and how to use transformational edits to drive the show in different directions.
Eventbrite - BCAF Workshop: Blending Improv & Standup