BCAF Spotlight: Magnet Touring Company

One of the best parts of going to the Boston Comedy Arts Festival is seeing some of the world's best performers strutting their stuff in our own backyard. This year, there are more amazing groups to celebrate than ever - two of New York's biggest improv groups, the Magnet Touring Company and Upright Citizen's Brigade Touring Company will be performing and running workshops during this year's BCAF.

We were fortunate enough to catch up with Magnet Theater's Artistic Director and improv extraordinaire Megan Gray to talk all things comedy and the Magnet Touring Company before the festival kicks off next week - see what she has to say!

How did you originally get into comedy?
Megan: My family was always into comedy (Marx Brothers, Kids in the Hall, The Simpsons), so I was exposed to it at all times. The act of creating comedy didn't kick off until my parents bought a video camera that weighed about 50lbs, and my brother and I were able to record our sketches onto VHS.

What is your favorite or strangest moment on stage?
Megan: My favorite moments on stage always involve my team Junior Varsity, who you can see on Friday night at 10pm. My strangest moments on stage always involve Magnet TourCo, who you can see on Friday night at 8pm. #shamelessplug

If you could collaborate with anyone living or dead, who would it be?
Megan: Phil Hartman.

What is the perfect sandwich?
Megan: Bacon and avocado on sourdough bread.

Who are your top three picks of acts to see at the festival?
Megan: I'm so glad you asked. It would have to be: Magnet TourCo on Friday, Junior Varsity on Friday and Geeking Out With: The Talk Show on Saturday. #shamelessplug

Are we human? Are we dancer?
Megan: Neither. We're robots sent to kill John Connor. At least that's what I'm here for.

Can't get enough Megan? We don't blame you! Catch her performing with the Magnet Touring Company on Friday, September 12 at 8PM @ the Brattle Theater.
You can also take Megan's workshop, Jump on the Bomb, from 10AM-12PM on Saturday, September 13.

Need more NYC? See the Upright Citizen's Brigade Touring Company perform on Saturday, September 13 at 8PM @ the Brattle Theater!
Take a workshop with the UCB! They'll be leading two workshops on Saturday, September 13: Game of the Scene is from 10AM-12PM, and Advanced Harold is from 2PM-4PM.

Stay tuned for more artist spotlights as the Boston Comedy Arts Festival draws ever nearer!