BCAF Family Show

Family Show

The Family Show is proud to be showcased in the Boston Comedy Arts Festival, and we hope that you'll come see our take on "family friendly" improv. Many times "family friendly" is a synonym for "for kids" which is in itself a euphemism for "dumbed down". The ImprovBoston Family Show prides itself on utilizing a child's creative potential, rather than condescending to him.

We don't swear, and we don't make direct references to sex, but we see these constraints as a challenge rather than a limitation. Come on by and bring the kids, bring grandma and grandpa to, also crazy aunt Rose and creepy uncle Charlie. At The Family Show, everyone can play.

The Family Show - Saturday 9/8, 6PM

Featuring: Emily Holland, Emily Laverdiere, Emily Franz, Kate Semine, Christine Toohey, Sarah Bell, Holly Tarnower, Melanie Hardy, Dan Chapman, Burch Simon, Sam Ike, Ben Walsh, Brad Taylor

Enjoy the show.

Joe Creedon
Director, Family Show