BCAF Spotlight: Collegiate Edition

Ah, college. It's a time to make bad decisions, learn a lot of stuff in exchange for a lot of money and for a select few, begin developing comedy chops that will follow them through their careers. The Boston Comedy Arts Festival is committed to fostering some of this incredible talent as they rise through the ranks, and are thrilled to be hosting collegiate groups including Liquid Fun from Boston University and Swolen Monkey Showcase from Emerson College at this year's fest.

We caught up with the groups this week to pick their brains about all things comedy - get to know them before you see them tear the house down on the very first night of BCAF!

How did you originally get into comedy?
Liquid Fun: Liquid Fun started 17 years ago. It was the late 80s. We were all confused. Iran Contra happened. Comedy was the only thing that made sense.
Swomo: I originally got into comedy mostly as a cover-up, so when people laughed at the dumb things I did or said I could pretend it was on purpose.

What makes you different from your average college comedy troupe?
Liquid Fun: We're all 35.

What is your favorite or strangest moment on stage?
Liquid Fun: There was this moment in the last show of the semester where an audience member walked in late close to the stage. A Funner in the scene blended the person perfectly into the action, and it was hilarious.
Swomo: Autumn was a frog once and it was good.

If you could collaborate with anyone living or dead, who would it be?
Liquid Fun: We got to watch the UCB Tour Co. once, and we'd love to hangout with Joel again (if you're reading this). We promise there's another party this time.
Swomo: I'd "collaborate" with Ben Schwartz forever.

What is the perfect sandwich?
Liquid Fun: 1.) Order a Ham and Cheese Sandwich
2.) Anticipate
3.) Get confused when server asks if you want cheese on your Ham and Cheese Sandwich
4.) Realize you accidentally ordered a Ham and Egg Sandwich... With Cheese
5.) Worry
6.) Eat Sandwich Anyway
7.) See the face of god
Swomo: Ice cream? Cheese?

Who are your top three picks of acts to see at the festival?
Liquid Fun: As fans of Whose Line, it's pretty cool that Laura Hall will be there. Additionally, we've had Kevin Seefried and Divorced Siblings at BU, and they both rock. And UCB Tour Co. (Joel?)
Swomo: Can't wait to seem 'em all!

Are we human? Are we dancer?
Liquid Fun: I'm going to answer this with the line I was going to use in my Salutatorian Speech (before I found out I wasn't Salutatorian): "Don't forget to be human, but never be afraid to go dancing through life."
Swomo: We ain't Beyonce.

You can check out Liquid Fun and Swolen Monkey Showcase on Wednesday, September 10 at 9:30PM with ComedySportz on the ImprovBoston Studio stage!
Read more about them and buy tickets here.