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Autumn and Summar Spring into Winter Sketch Boston, MA

Autumn and Summar Spring into Winter is a musical sketch comedy show with scenes and songs inspired by their lives as single twenty-somethings.

Boris Khaykin Stand-Up New York, NY

Boris Khaykin is a comedian living in Brooklyn, NY and a frequent performer at the UCB Theater. His stand up has been featured on HuffingtonPost Comedy, Collegehumor Live, and more.

Briami Sound Machine Improv Chicago, IL

Briami Sound Machine is the best band in the world.

Caitlin Durante Stand-Up Boston, MA

Caitlin Durante is a Boston-based stand-up comedian. She takes what most would consider to be personality flaws--self-deprecation, cynicism, and social ineptitude--and blends them together to form a hilarious perspective on life and humanity.

Cape Ann Improv Improv Gloucester, MA

Cape Ann Improv’s home is Gloucester, MA, a quick jaunt up from Boston on the highly unsafe Route 128. CAI performs longform formats that integrate storytelling and poetry to inspire unusual, unpredictable, and (often) uncouth comedy.

Casual Sex Offenders Improv New York, NY

When we thought up the name "Casual Sex Offenders" four years ago, we thought it was hilarious. Now it's sort of cringeworthy, but that train has left the station. What hasn't left the station is GOOD OLD FASHIONED IMPROV!

Chocolate Cake City Sketch Boston, MA

Founded in 2002, Emerson College Based Sketch Troupe Chocolate Cake City achieved internet fame in 2005 with their hit parody video "Brokeback to the Future" and again in 2009 with "Human Centipede: The Musical"Their sketch comedy is "alt" and "sm

Coach Crotchky Sketch Cambridge, MA

"Coach Crotchky" is a hilarious, high-energy one man show about a neurotic (but love-able) bull-in-a-china-shop high school gym teacher who's passionate about health.

Conor Allen Stand-Up Somerville, MA

Conor Allen is a stand-up comic who loves to make mistakes so he can tell you all about them on stage. He has appeared at Completely Unreliable, Awkward Compliment, Woodstock Wednesdays, and the People's Show.

Daring Daulton Sketch Philadelphia, PA

Daring Daulton is a sketch duo named after the former Phillies catcher and metaphysical philosopher Darren Daulton. The group has been performing in Philadelphia since March of 2012.

Death By Improv Improv Sayreville, NJ

What is Death By Improv? Death By Improv is short form improv, wrapped in bacon, and served up on a Neon Plastic Pirate Sword Toothpick.

EagleFox Improv New York, NY

Like the unholy creation that is its namesake, NYC Improv team EagleFox weaves together high-energy scenes and characters to create a strange, yet beautiful world. Don't hate EagleFox. It was born this way.

Face Off Improv Cambridge, MA

The fastest, highest energy competitive improv show in Boston. New England's best comedians battle for your laughter and applause in a comedic duel to the death.

First Impact Improv Boston, MA

First Impact is a free-wheeling independent Boston-based long form improvisational theater group. We tell linear stories, creating a completely improvised play before your very eyes.

Fix It In Post Improv Boston, MA

Remember that movie? The popular one you haven't seen in 5 or 10 years? Yep. Neither do we. But that won't stop us: we'll improvise a 25 minute version of it based only off of our memory and your suggestions.

Geeking Out with: The IMPROVISED Show Improv Amherst, MA

Imagine this. You’re a total, hopeless improv geek. You love talking about improv, writing about improv, and, most of all, performing improv. And on this special night, you get to hang out and improvise with one of your comedy heroes.

Gross Butler Improv Philadelphia, PA

The iniquitous and notorious duo of Gross Butler (Alex Gross and Mike Butler) debuted at the Philly Improv Theater (PHIT) in July 2011 and quickly became an audience favorite with their aggressive, anarchic style.

Hidden Falls Improv Boston, MA

We are a group of seasoned musical improvisers who create and perform cutting edge musical improvised formats. We're musical theater nerds crossed with improv junkies.

Hot & Sweaty Improv Washington, DC

Formed during DC's hottest summer, Hot & Sweaty, a long-form comedic improvisational troupe, performs in the Washington DC area. Four hot chicks. Two sweaty dudes. You'll laugh so hard, you'll sweat. Bring a towel.

ImprovBoston Family Show Improv Cambridge, MA

Winner of the Nickelodeon award for Best Children's Theater, Family Show dishes out laughs for adults and children every Saturday. Audiences consider us the “Pixar” of Boston Comedy! KIDS LOVE IT!

Internet Cafe Improv Somerville, MA

A group of friends explore the finalest frontier of all: the internet.We believe that a google search will never be just one click. In this improvised comedy, our friends are given one input from the audience to do the initial search.

Joe Polizzotti Stand-Up Saddle Brook, NJ

Joe Polizzotti has opened for comedic greats such a Louie Anderson numerous times. He is currently emceeing and featuring in NYC.

John Sideris Stand-Up Durham, NH

John is g**d*** awesome. By day he sits in front of a computer and occasionally stands in front of a class; by night he wow's audiences all over the east coast, from Durham, NC to Carrboro, NC.

Johnny Velvet and the Moonbeams Improv New York, NY

Johnny Velvet and the Moonbeams perform an original format called The Galactus. They explore (and devour) as many character connections in a single world as possible. The shows are brisk, so bring hydration.

Justin Williams Stand-Up New York, NY

Justin Williams is one of the funniest up and coming comedians in New York City. He is well liked by audiences all over this nation, France and Canada.

Kadan Koharrick: Apocalypse Improv Denver, CO

Kaleb Kohart and Jordan Arrick are the last two people in the world. Begin.

King Bee Improv Washington, DC

King Bee makes absolute magic out of a one-word suggestion. Let’s break that sentiment down scientifically. When we say “absolute magic,” we're not talking about a monkey riding a horse.

Lindsay & Donnelly Sketch Somerville, MA

Lennon & McCartney. Watson & Crick. Marx & Engels . . . Lindsay & Donnelly.

Matt White Stand-Up Greenville, NC

Matt White is a Comedian based out of Greenville, NC. He performs Improvisational comedy, Stand up comedy, and Sketch Comedy. He won DSI's "Carolina's Funniest Comic 2013" and “Port City’s Top Comic "2012.

Maxitor Improv Cambridge, MA

Focused on theme-based and emotionally grounded long form improv, Maxitor seeks to ask (and just maybe answer) the big questions. We turn the Harold up to 11.

Mickey McCauley Stand-Up Baltimore, MD

A rising presence in the Boston standup scene, Mickey McCauley holds a reverence for the irreverent and brings a fresh voice to the stage.

Minnesota Snow Job Improv Minneapolis, MN

The improv duo of Minnesota Snow Job has been performing together for over a dozen years. #MNSJ has performed on land and on lakes, in parks and dinner theaters, at High School graduations and even for former Vice President Walter Mondale.

Mrs. Peanut Sketch Boston, MA

Mrs. Peanut is a Boston-based sketch comedy group that was formed over a series of birthday benders, chance encounters, and a simple question at a subway stop.

MURDERFIST Sketch New York, NY

Murderfist is a rock and roll sketch comedy show that needs an AA meeting. Loud, weird, raw and committed Murderfist does a sketch show that puts most sketch to shame. Come, let us put our magic in you.

North Coast Improv New York, NY

Now that the East Coast/West Coast beef has subsided, North Coast is stepping up to throw down. Watch as New York's only freestyle rapping, beatboxing, long-form improv team performs a fully improvised "hip-hopera" right in front of yo mouf.

Oh Theodora Sketch Chicago, IL

Oh Theodora performs dumb comedy for smart people. This Chicago-based sketch group performs silly, story-driven sketches that take what you know about comedy and twist it.

Ophelia's Rope Improv Houston, TX

Brace yourself! Ophelia’s Rope comes backed with extensive experience in theatre, improv, dancing, singing, TV and film, and athleticism, so you know this has got to be good.

Pete Bladel Stand-Up New York, NY

The critics agree, Pete Bladel hates writing comedy biographies. So this will be brief and to the point.

pHrenzy (pH Productions) Improv Chicago, IL

pHrenzy is the signature show of pH Productions, a Chicago comedy theater that has been bring comedy to the people for over 10 years.

Pluto's Last Stand Improv Washington, DC

Not unlike your favorite FM station, Pluto's Last Stand is an improv troupe that spans the decades, and takes requests. With members born in the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's, their multi-generational melange of experience is something to behold!

Press Play Improv Washington, DC

Lively, bold and with a touch of sass and paprika, Washington, D.C.-based Press Play performs high-energy, relationship-driven long form improv that isn't afraid to delve into life's absurdities.

Pumpkin Improv New York, NY

Magnet Theater veterans Alan Fessenden (Magnet TourCo, Hello Laser, The Weave), Michael Lutton (Horses, BEEES!, Made-Up Musical), Jason Scott Quinn (Dr.

Rachel Fogletto Stand-Up Philadelphia, PA

Rachel Fogletto is a stand-up comedian with an entertainment background in writing, storytelling, dancing, and more.

Robby Hoffman Stand-Up Montreal

Ever wonder what it’s like to be born the 7th child to a single hearing-impaired Jewish mother? Remember that old lady who lived in a shoe, who had all those kids, who didn’t know what to do? That rhyme was based on Robby’s mother.

RuBin Improv New York, NY

Formed in the summer of 2009 during a class taught by Rachel Hamilton at the Magnet Theater, RuBin will create numerous offbeat but indelible characters cast into ordinary circumstances, creating extraordinary scenework all inspired by the suggest

Ryan Schutt Stand-Up Washington, DC

When Ryan gets the opportunity to talk at a group of strangers with a microphone, he tries to relate to them by drawing from his pathetically shallow reservoir of life experience.

Scott McLaughlin Stand-Up Waltham, MA

Scott McLaughlin is a failed Inglish as a second language teacher. Mainly because he spells Inglish with an I. Twice.

Shelf Life! Improv Boston, MA

Your fridge door closes... and the lights come on!

Soms Osmos Stand-Up Cleveland, OH

Soms Osmos is a standup comedian from the blossoming Cleveland scene. Starting in January of 2012, Soms has performed in Chicago, Eastern North Carolina, and now Cleveland.

The Feeling Is Mutual Improv Worcester, MA

The Feeling Is Mutual is a newly formed improv group that does longform and shortform. We provide high-paced, physical, and varied performances for our audiences. From one audience suggestion we improvise a series of scenes.

The Magnet Theater TourCo Improv New York, NY

The Magnet Theater is home to some of the top improvisation talent in the country. The Magnet TourCo brings this veteran talent together for an unbelievable showcase of long-form improvisation.

Travis Irvine Stand-Up New York, NY

Travis Irvine is a stand-up comedian, independent filmmaker and unsuccessful politician.

Wes Hazard Stand-Up Boston, MA

Wes Hazard considers himself extremely lucky to be able to get on stage and entertain people.

WNBA Improv Boston, MA

WNBA presents "Third Time's the Charm,” a series of monologues and scenes based on that inevitable gift every girl gets…a charm bracelet.